Questions & Answers

  • Getting Started

    1. Why do I need an Apple and Google developer account for my church app?

    To publish your church's app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you'll need to have a developer account with each service. This allows you to manage your app's availability, updates, and compliance with platform policies, ensuring that your congregation has uninterrupted access to your app.

    2. How do you provide a church app with no monthly cost? operates in collaboration with partner banks, offering financial services tailored for churches. When your church utilizes these services, such as making deposits or using the VISA credit/debit cards we provide, earns a commission. This commission is then used to offset the operational costs of your church app. By integrating banking with digital church management, we create a sustainable model that benefits your church community without the need for recurring app fees.

  • Account Management

    1. How do I sign up for Church App and Abound Banking?

    You can easily sign up using the Sign Up button on the top right corner of the website. For more details on Abound Banking, visit

    2. How can I manage my church's app settings?

    After creating an account, you can easily manage the settings through the admin dashboard.

  • Financials

    1. What is the one-time setup fee for, and are there any other hidden costs?

    The one-time setup fee covers the initial costs associated with creating and customizing your church's app. This fee ensures that your app is tailored to your congregation's needs, providing a unique, branded experience. The one-time fee is fully transparent, and there are no hidden costs. Any future additional features or services will be clearly communicated and optional.

  • Abound Co-Pilot

    1. What is Abound Co-Pilot, and how can it help my church?

    Abound Co-Pilot is an innovative AI-assisted tool designed to support your church's administrative and engagement activities. It offers several benefits:

    • Streamlining Operations: Automating routine tasks to focus on impactful work.
    • Enhancing Engagement: Creating personalized Bible reading plans and event schedules.
    • Offering Insights: Providing analytics for data-driven decisions.
    • Supporting Spiritual Growth: Facilitating the creation of devotional content.

    By integrating these features, Abound Co-Pilot acts as a digital assistant of your church team, simplifying administrative tasks and enriching the spiritual journey of your congregation.

    2. When will Abound Co-Pilot be available, and how can I get updates?

    Abound Co-Pilot is coming soon! We'll notify all our users via email and include updates in our newsletters. Additionally, make sure to enable push notifications on our app for real-time release updates.

  • Other Questions

    1. Can I customize the church app to fit our congregation's needs?

    Yes, you can! With Abound Church App, you have the flexibility to customize various elements of the app to align with your congregation's specific needs. You can personalize the app's content, colors, branding, and more to create a tailored experience that resonates with your community.

    2. What support does offer if we encounter issues with our app?

    If you encounter any issues with your church app, our dedicated support team is here to assist you. You can reach out to us through various channels, including email, and live chat. We offer timely assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance to address any concerns or technical difficulties you may encounter.